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How to get in Shape in 3 Months

Everyone knows that summer is officially over once Labor Day arrives. More importantly, after months of lounging around and neglecting your summer body goals the return of fall provides an opportunity to develop a workout routine to help you get back in shape. You may have made a new year’s resolution back in January to workout daily, but didn’t stick to it. Good news for you though… September serves as another month to resume your once forgotten fitness journey. With a few months left of the year why not make it your goal to develop a workout routine that you can stick to.

Here are some fall fitness tips to get you back in shape:

Set a Fitness goal


Before you get back in shape you have to set a goal. It is impossible to lose weight or tone your muscles if you haven’t targeted a specific area to train.Figure out what it is that you’re wanting to work on to be fit and let that serve as your guide when creating a workout routine.

Do workouts you enjoy

Working out should be FUN; you shouldn’t look at working out as something dreadful. Once you’ve figured out what area of your body you’re wanting to target, create workouts that are related to that area. There’s no better way to make working out enjoyable than by creating your own workouts. Use this link to find personalized workouts.

Make time

Do you find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day? We’re given 24 hours for a reason, so put idle time to good use and be productive. Handle your responsibilities and make time to workout even if it’s just for 30 minutes because your body will reward you as a result. 

Eat a balanced diet

If you think the way to get in shape is just by eating healthy you are mistaken. The idea of “eating healthy” can actually be a person’s downfall as they’ll find themselves thinking they have to eat salads, fruits and other foods in small portions. It is more than likely that if you’re only eating healthy foods you’re lacking the proper nutrients that your body needs. So, rather than thinking you have to eat healthy, think balanced. Visit  for more information about proper nutrition.

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.”


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