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How to Refocus and Get More Time for Yourself

Now, it can seem like there’s not enough hours in the day for the corporate-entrepreneur-fitness savvy- spirit led-baddie (This term describes the many hardworking women who balance their main job and side hustle all while finding time to work out and attend bible study). “Adulting” is no easy task, just ask any millennial still trying to find their purpose in work, relationships, etc. There are many distractions like men, Instagram and Facebook and even our beloved TV shows that can cause us to be stagnant. In order to progress in life whether that’s professionally, physically or spiritually you have to constantly be working at perfecting your craft. For example, if your goal is to gain muscle by the summertime, but instead of going to the gym you scroll on Instagram searching for your “body goals” you’re doing yourself a disservice. James 2:26 says that Faith without works is dead, meaning you can save as many fitness girls photos to your page, but unless you’re putting in the work don’t expect to see results.

Often, we allow distractions because we haven’t established boundaries within ourselves. Sticking with my fitness example above, a great way to stop yourself from spending time scrolling on Instagram is to put yourself on a time limit where your phone will automatically close your app. When this happens you can take yourself to the gym or even complete an at home workout. Setting boundaries for ourselves helps long-term because you’re able to learn to say no to things that won’t benefit you.

Some great ways that have helped me refocus on my goals and give more time to myself are:

1)  Starting my day off by hearing from God and praying

2)  Putting my social media apps on timers

3)  Writing a to-do list in my planner at the beginning of the week

4)  Deleting my social media apps when I have a major project due- Sometimes having your apps on a timer just isn’t enough and you have to delete them completely to truly focus. You might find that once the apps are deleted you realize you don’t really need them.

5)  Waiting until the weekend to watch my favorite TV shows

6)  Limiting the amount of time, I spend with people- I enjoy a happy hour as it’s a time to catch up on with my friends or get to know a new boo, however to spend 3 hours+ on a weeknight is not smart. Not only are you taking away from unwinding from the day, but getting home at 8 o’clock doesn’t allow you to just relax and prepare for the next day.

7)  Being aware of who is worthy of my time- Some people are not meant to go on your journey with you meaning that is okay to let people go if their energy is not reciprocated or appreciated.

8)  Speaking positivity into the atmosphere

9)  Learning to say no– Let your no be no and your yes be yes, so you don’t end up overwhelmed and irritated that you took on a task or went to an event you didn’t want to be at.

10) Creating a vision board- I’m a visual person, so it helps to see images of what it is I want from life plus it’s fun arts & crafts project to do with friends. 

Sometimes it takes a wake-up call to get you to realign yourself with your goals. When you evaluate your life it shows you’re growing and everyone should always be growing in some way. Don’t ever stay stagnant or accept mediocracy. Furthermore, as long as you stay on that path and don’t allow distractions in you can conquer the world.

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