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How to Stop your Sedentary Lifestyle

If you’re sick and tired of not taking action to change your fitness lifestyle then you’re in the RIGHT PLACE! Changing your sedentary lifestyle can be difficult. As humans we can get so set in our ways that we become immune to our daily routine, which often includes little to no exercise and lack of eating healthy. All of that can be changed, however by taking a further look into why you’ve become sedentary. Knowing how you got to a place of a sedentary lifestyle can help in knowing what changes you have to make to get back on track.


Honestly, start today! You don’t have to wait until Monday to change your bad eating habits.Commit to 1 hour of exercise today. The key to developing a workout regime is to begin one. Once you start somewhere you’ll be able to  know what different areas you want to focus on. If you don’t know what workouts to do visit Bodybuilding.com or check out my workout videos, which are posted on YouTube.


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McDonald’s, Whataburger, Taco Bell and the countless other fast food chains have got to go. You can’t expect to have a body transformation by filling it with junk. Now, a cheat day is always allowed, but don’t let it turn into a cheat week or even month. Learn to meal prep, bring your lunch to work and start cooking more. Your bank statement will look so much better once you stop spending so much money on food.


Many people will be motivated for a moment and then a few days later they have no desire to be better. You’ve got to dig deep and find that intrinsic motivation to incorporate healthy eating habits and exercise into your day. Ask yourself each day what did you do to improve your overall health and if the answer was nothing get your butt up and DO SOMETHING!


This tip goes beyond fitness as it will help you progress in life. Often times we feel like superwoman/superman and try to take on so many tasks. By doing this you become overwhelmed, which results in a loss of time and complete chaos. All of this can be avoided by simply telling people no. Focus on your priorities and always keep those first.

maiah the mermaidI’ve asked my good friend, Maiah who’s a nutritionist and fitness trainer to give additional tips on how you can stop living a sedentary lifestyle. Here’s what she said:

Majority of Americans are forced into sedentary lifestyles because of their careers. There a few ways I recommended my clients break up their sitting time

1. Invest in a standing desk. Now, this option isn’t for everyone but if you can afford to change up your workspace and make it more conducive for standing and walking the benefits are amazing.

2. Set a reminder that goes off every 15-20 minutes to remind you to stand or walk. If your office building has stairs and you can afford the time, take a few flights every 30 minutes to an hour.

3. Turn working out into a game. Every time you get a text from your significant other, an email from your favorite store or a reminder that your iPhone storage is full (🙄) do 10 squats, take a lap around the office or take a flight of stairs.

4. Walk, walk every where! Swear off elevators and walk up the stairs. Instead of wasting time and gas searching for a parking spot, park farthest away from the door and walk. The more steps you get outside of your workouts the better results you’ll get from your workouts.

I hope all of these suggestions help you to get up and get moving, each and every day!


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