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Is your Boyfriend Making you Fat?


Are you in a relationship?

Do you have relationship weight?

First and foremost ‘relationship weight’ is defined as weight gained during a romantic relationship.

Often, when a person is single they often put in work to enhance their body appearance. Whether that’s being cautious of how they dress or the type of hairstyle they wear, people will try to impress someone they find interest in. On the contrary, when you become comfortable with someone and ultimately begin dating you care less about the way you look. You then fail to do everything you did to get them and may even gain weight, too.stepping on the scale

Relationship weight is real, so if you find yourself in that predicament it’s important to realize the signs before you end up having to do a total body transformation. Instead of eating out all the time and doing activities that don’t require a lot of movement try to incorporate health-related benefits into the relationship. It’s extremely important to encourage your partner if you notice that they are starting to “let themselves go”. Caring about that individual means caring about their health and well-being, too. Going to the movies, etc can be nice, but activities like these don’t require a lot of mobility. Instead, suggest outdoor or recreational activities like bike riding, group exercise classes, or even hiking to get active.

Lastly, people can really lose themselves to a relationship. Don’t allow yourself to lose focus of caring for your body and well-being. When you make your health a priority it shows to others and when people know what you’re about they’re able to get on board, too. Now, relationship weight gain is all about positive choices (Click here to read on a study done on happily married couples that tend to gain more weight than others). If you’re  prioritizing your physical condition and you’re happy — especially within the confines of your relationship — then you shouldn’t have any issues.


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