how to get more sleep at night

Top 3 Ways to Get More Sleep

will coffee help you stay awakeDo you find yourself cranky when you wake up in the morning? Is it hard for you to get up and get ready for work when your alarm clock goes off? If you answered YES to the two questions above then you probably are lacking in how much sleep you get each night.

Studies recommend that younger adults (18-25) and adults (26-64) both need 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Older adults (65+) need 7-8 hours of sleep. Sleep is a vital indicator of our overall health and well-being. 


I have compiled a list of the Top 3 Ways to Get More Sleep that way you can be more productive throughout the day.

1. Place your phone on ‘Do not disturb’

Our electronics are so distracting that we could spend hours on hours scrolling and looking at all sorts of things. I mentioned in my blog post titled ‘How to Wake Up Earlier’ that there’s no reason to be scrolling on Instagram for a hour before bed. Not only does this hurt your eyes, but it keeps you up for longer even after you’ve put your phone away. Our smartphones allow us to set a time in which people cannot call or text us. Of course emergencies might happen,  but with your smartphone you can set a list of certain people that will be able to get through to you when your phone is on ‘Do not disturb’. Outside of emergencies anything else can wait until the next morning, so stay off your phone and get your rest!

2. Set a cutoff for food & drinks at night

Alcohol, caffeine and sugary/greasy foods can keep you up at night. It is important to set a time especially during the week for when you will stop eating and drinking. It takes longer for your food to digest when you eat late at night as your body is trying to focus on going into rest mode.

3. Create a sleep schedule 

Choosing a set time when you need to go to bed helps you to be more productive during the day. Often times people will procrastinate and leave their tasks to do at nighttime, but this just pushes your rest time back further and further. When you have a set time of when you will go to bed you are able to gage what you can and cannot get done during the day. If that means you have to cancel plans with a friend, etc then do so because at the end of the day your health should be your priority.

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