Good Foods to Promote Vaginal Health

When your pH balance is off it can throw your whole body out of wack! There’s nothing worse than being in front of your co-workers or your boo and you smell like fish! Can you say embarrassing!?

Gynecologists would say the fishy odor you are experiencing is due to bacterial vaginosis, which can be fixed, but it’s costly. Outside of your annual check-up, trips to the gynecologist can range from $70-$300 depending on your insurance. Before spending money on Flagyl pills and vaginal cream you should try a more natural approach! After all, taking the pill form of Flagyl & even the vaginal cream is very costly & often times creates a yeast infection. ⁣Eating yogurt, citrus foods, cranberries & foods with Vitamin C will help your pH balance and it won’t cause you to break the bank.

background-berry-close-2064359When eating yogurt, it’s important to make sure it’s the yogurt with live & active cultures like Yoplait. These fermented foods are probiotic-rich & will boost good in your vagina.
Eating yogurt is a natural approach to helping out with bacterial vaginosis.

citrus-citrus-fruit-close-up-2880415.jpgFoods with citrus in them are said to help promote vaginal health as the University of East Anglia found a link between the flavonoids found in citrus fruits and a decreased risk of ovarian cancer. Eating fruits in general will aid with promoting a healthy body. Oranges have both citrus and Vitamin C in them, which is another great source that promotes vaginal health. In 2013, a study was conducted and the results showed that women who consumed a vaginal tablet of ascorbic acid after getting treated for bacterial vaginosis reduced their risk of getting the infection again. That just goes to show you that Vitamin C really does work! Lastly, cranberries are another great food to promote vaginal health as it can help prevent UTIs.

So, before you decide to spend lots of money at the doctor’s office read up on natural approaches that’ll help regulate your pH balance to maintain your vaginal health.


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