Girlfriends reunite on blackish

Girlfriends reunion on ABC’s Black-ish

ABC aired its third episode of its hit show Black-ish, which is in its sixth season Tuesday, Oct 8th. Black-ish has always been a fun show to watch as it invites open discussion of difficult topics for its audience. Episode three, titled Feminisn’t held up to the show’s high standards with a ‘Girlfriends’ reunion.

girlfriends memeGirlfriends, created by Mara Brock Akil, first aired in 2000. ¬†Akil took pride in portraying black women in their trials and triumphs as they navigate through life. The show starred, Tracee Ellis Ross as Joan, Jill Marie Jones as Toni, Persia White as Lynn and Golden Brooks as Maya. During the early 2000s there wasn’t a show that portrayed women of color, particularly black women in a positive light where people could see the beauty of friendship between black women. Often, people would say Girlfriends is the black version of Sex in the City. Representation is key in the media, so it was amazing to have a show that was so timeless still resonate with women today. There are so many shows now a days that display black women in a negative light being catty and fighting one another. This was never the agenda for Girlfriends. Granted you would have your episodes of Girlfriends where the friendships would go south, but they were always able to recover through growth, God and their love of one another. The impact of Girlfriends was phenomenal, so for its fans who felt they never got the closure from the series, which ended in 2008 it was refreshing to see the reunion of Girlfriends on Black-ish.

girlfriends on abc blackish reunite
BLACK-ISH – “Feminisn’t” – When Bow learns that Diane and Ruby don’t believe in feminism, she brings Diane to meet the women in her feminist group. Bow’s friend Abby thinks the group needs to be more inclusive, so Bow invites three of her girlfriends to join. Meanwhile, Junior and Jack help Dre after he realizes he is out of touch with modern-day feminism on “black-ish,” TUESDAY, OCT. 8 (9:30-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal) GOLDEN BROOKS, JILL MARIE JONES, TRACEE ELLIS ROSS, PERSIA WHITE

The Feminisn’t episode on Black-ish stems around the idea of Feminism and how Bo’s women empowerment group supports all things women except when it comes to black women and women of color. When she realizes there is a lack of diversity in the group she brings her friends from college (the cast of Girlfriends) to come to the meeting. I loved the tribute to the theme song when the girls came through the door of Bo’s house! I won’t spoil the entire episode for those who haven’t seen it, but it’s definitely a must-see.

I love that this episode shined light on how the agenda of feminism isn’t always for all women. Often times we have seen in our history that the issues that many women are striving to fight only benefit white women. When it comes to equal pay for women there is a distinct divide in the pay that white women would receive versus black women. Black women cannot separate being black and being a women, which is why I love the term ‘black feminism’. These conversations need to be had that way other groups of people can take a more inclusive approach when trying to “fight the good fight.”

Fit 29 prides itself on catering to its audience of women of color through the creation of beauty, fitness and wellness content. There are so many fitness and wellness publications that take the feminist approach and only post content that will resonate with white women compared to women of color. The agenda for many women fitness publications is to promote the empowerment of women, but we’ve got to continue to show that it’s important for ALL WOMEN!

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