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Is it more effective to workout at the gym or home?

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In the fitness world, a big topic is whether working out at the gym is more effective than working out at home. Personally, I feel that I workout best at a gym because when I’m at home I’m more likely to quit before I’m supposed to. There’s just too many distractions when you workout at home versus at the gym.

Now, I want to clarify that an “at home workout” means you’re working out in your home. If you live at an apartment complex and workout at the fitness center in your complex then that would fall under the “gym workout” umbrella. If you can’t afford to pay for a personal trainer you can find plenty of workouts to do at home and at the gym on Pinterest and online.

Many people have said that at home workouts provide them a place of comfortability that they wouldn’t get at the gym. The fear of having others look at them while working out or having to compete for equipment due to large crowds are all reasons why some people prefer to workout at home. On the contrary, working out at home can create a stagnant workout routine as you’re limited to how much you’re able to do in your home. Of course, you could purchase a treadmill or bike for your home, which all gyms have, but that can be costly compared to just buying a gym membership. Gyms have more equipment and often have free Group X classes you can take with your membership.

Ultimately, the place you choose to workout at is all dependent on your preference as long as you’re able to benefit physically and mentally from the process. If you’re disciplined enough to workout while you’re at home and watch TV then kudos to you, but if you prefer to be in environment that’s geared around fitness then the gym is your best bet!

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