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Healthy Holiday Habits You Need to Try!

dallas fitness trainerWe love the Holiday season! It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! With all the Holiday work parties & food surrounding the Holidays, it can be easy to forget to practice healthy habits. We asked certified personal trainer and fitness advocate, Jocelyn Rollerson how to stay healthy over the holidays. If you’re in need of personal training and want to start 2020 off right contact her via Instagram to make your fitness transformation!

As a certified personal trainer & fitness advocate, what are some healthy holiday habits you recommend to people?

Portion control. Eat enough to satisfy a craving, but don’t overindulge. While you are typically eating more processed foods and sweets during the holidays, don’t neglect the green foods and vegetables. I am a huge advocate of carb cycling where I eat low carbs on most days and moderate carbs on days I do resistance training. This gives me flexibility in my nutrition without ruining my hard work in the gym. Also, be active. You may not be as motivated to go to the gym every day, or your schedule may not permit you to go as frequently. However, engage in activities that won’t allow you to be complacent or lazy. Whether it is a walk around the mall, running a holiday 5k, ice skating, or doing home workouts – just get moving!

dallas fitness trainerWhat are some good ways to exercise if you don’t have access to a gym?

Home workouts using your body weight, plyometrics (jumping), or household items that provide resistance (i.e. sofa, jugs of water, etc.) are always an option. Below is a quick home workout circuit that will increase your heart rate and burn some calories.

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second break in between. Repeat circuit for a total of 4 rounds.


  1. Push-ups (modify if necessary)
  2. Squat jumps
  3. Triceps dips
  4. Glute bridges (hip thrust)
  5. Bicycle crunches

dallas fitness trainerHow can someone avoid getting a cold or flu during the winter season?

Wash hands frequently, get plenty of rest, and keep up with your vitamins and nutrients that support the immune system. I personally make a ginger, turmeric, and orange juice tonic to keep my immune system in check. I’ve also recently started taking a vitamin called SuperLysine for immune support. You can find it at your local Sprouts.

Do you find it beneficial to workout outdoors even if it’s really cold outside?

I personally don’t think it is beneficial for me because it takes too much for my body to heat up in the cold. While you won’t find me working out in the cold elements, fall/winter is the best time to build a summer body.

What is your favorite thing about the Holidays?

My favorite thing about the holidays is the spirit of joy and fellowship. I love to gather with family and friends for seasonal activities. Also, I love giving the perfect gifts to my loved ones!

Keep your goals in mind, stay disciplined, be consistent and remember to put in work.

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