DIY Hair Mask for natural hair

DIY ‘Winter War’ Hair Mask

Hello My Beautiful kinky and coily family out there, this post is about to make our hair flourish in sickness and in health this holiday season- I guarantee!

I’m going to get straight to the  point because something is telling me this winter is going to be a cooooold one. But! One thing that doesn’t have to be victim to the frost is your hair! 

When it’s cold outside, just like skin, our hair needs to maintain a good amount of moisture (although not too much). However, more than good moisture we need a good method to seal and lock in oils that help each and every strand to continue to stay hydrated- even when the weather isn’t playing nice. 

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Luckily, through trial, error and a little background salon knowledge- I’m here to share a quick and easy DIY Winter War Hair Mask that you can create right in the kitchen to keep those coils happy!

OK! So, you ready for a winter hair war (prevention)?! Same,sis!

Here’s what you’ll need:

T-Shirt You Don’t Care For (kinda messy!)

A Mixing Bowl

2 cups – Aztec Healing Clay 

2 oz. – Vitamin E Oil

1 oz. – Black Castor (Or Any Favorite Growth Oil You Already Know & Love)

½ cup – Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix those babies together until you achieve a smooth, thick consistency and this is where the fun begins! Oh, and if you haven’t changed that shirt, you might want to do that now.

Now we’re ready to apply!

1. Start by wetting your hair for a good application. Remember clay dries rather quickly, so the more moisture the better.

2. Go section by section or just throw it on all over this curls! Either way don’t be shy! It may be messy but make sure to drench every strand in the mixture! (See why you wore the shirt now? Riiiight.)

3. Leave on for 30-45 Minutes under plastic cap

4. Rinse

5. Enjoy The Flourish

Follow those steps to the T and you will see your curls stretch and flourish better than before!

If you need help finding anything listed, don’t worry! I made a list on Amazon just for you!

Hope I could help save a head or two!

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