Thanksgiving Outfits

Cute & Casual This Thanksgiving

Is there really one more week in November?!
On the bright side, thee is only a few more days til one of the biggest feasts of the year.Thanksgiving! Food is the best thing since the internet and an unlimited spread of all the Mac N Cheese I can think of?! Pure heaven on earth.
Now, let’s get into what we’re going to be wearing at the table right? Cause that’s what really matters! LOL!

Thanksgiving Looks
Thanksgiving Looks
Fall Outfits
As you can see, I own entirely too much black and I love keeping it simple. I chose this coffee-colored flannel because it’s a cover-up that has so much versatility! Wrap it around a waist, tie it to the side, throw it over a shoulder- I mean the combinations here are endless. Pairing it with some comfortable leggings and a cute bodysuit! Texture is my thing, but lace and color play can go a long way in this sequence so step outside the “norm” and let’s make a real fashion statement!
To me? Since the fit is so ordinary, I figured a spicy, nude lace pump would be idea to send some vibes to these little legs of mine! And Boom! Quick, cute and comfortable this holiday evening- even a f t e r the seconds & thirds!
How did I do? Would you try it, too?
Anyone else styling a flannel this season?
Tag me in your creative looks! I know it’ll look great!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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