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5 Keys to Having Healthy Friendships

TLC What about your friends
Adult friendships can be tricky. After college many people start to differentiate between the people they choose to do life with and those that’ll get left in the dust. Having friends is a beautiful thing, but as you get older you start to realize that quality over quantity is better. Having healthy friendships is very important as you should surround yourself with people who help you grow mentally, physically and spiritually. We’ve generated five general rules when it comes to having healthy friendships.

  1. Communication is key- If you cannot express yourself to your friend without all hell breaking loose then that might be an indicator that the two of you don’t mix. Of course, you’ll have tiffs every now and then, but to always have an argument where both parties can’t respectfully agree to disagree is a sign that you might want to walk away from the friendship.
  2. Vibes match- You should become aware of the people you hang around when you have high vibrations and low vibrations. For example, if you’re having a get together with a group of friends and every time “Sarah” comes around and you feel uneasy, tense, etc. that is a sure sign that she needs to exit your friend circle.
  3.  Respect your friends — and their boundariesMs. Aretha Franklin said it best, give your friends respect. If your friend has disclosed to you that something you do bothers them then out of respect for the friendship and that person you should honor that. Also, you shouldn’t hold a grudge with your friend. If something they do bothers you speak up and let them know how you feel. Always be aware of people who don’t seem to have your best interest at heart.
  4. Support- True, genuine people are hard to come by this day and age, so it’s important to support your friends in what they do. That’s not to say that you should always drop everything you’re doing to be with your friend, but if you can be there for them then do that. Other examples include paying full prices for your friend’s business instead of opting for discounts and sharing their work to social media whenever you can. Knowing someone has your back is such a great feeling to have.
  5. Make time for them- With everything life throws at you it can be hard to develop a consistent routine. During your younger years it was so easy to make time to have play dates with your besties, but as adult people work and have other things going on. It’s important to make time for the people who are important to you. Whether it’s every two weeks or even once every month show up for the people that are important in your life. Friendships require attention and tending, so if you don’t know what’s going on in your friend’s life we can’t connect with them. Therefore, the friendship won’t survive!

What about your friends, will they stand their ground,
Will they let you down again?
What about your friends, are they gonna be lowdown,
Will they ever be around,
Or will they turn their backs on you?


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