benefits of laser hair removal

Is Laser Better Than Waxing?

Shaving can become annoying! All the razor bumps and nicks you can get from shaving can ruin your legs, too. They say beauty is pain, but should it be? Spending money on countless razors and shaving cream can add up especially in the warmer months. No one wants to have hairy legs. There are alternatives to getting rid of your hairy legs: laser hair removal or waxing. Now, laser hair removal is more costly, but the results are more permanent compared to waxing. We created a pros and cons list of both!

Pros of Laser Hair Removal

  • Hair is removed at the root causing it to be permanently removed (You will only need touch ups every few months)
  • Hair loss results happen faster due to the beams of the laser
  • Not as painful as waxing
  • You can expect each laser beam
  • Only required treatments every 6 weeks

Cons of Laser Hair Removal

  • Certain areas of the body can be painful (Ex. lower leg & Brazilian)
  • Expensive (LaserAway offers payment plans & discounts on certain body parts)
  • Possibility of skin irritation
  • You will still need to shave some parts of your body prior to each procedure (You do, however, spend less money on razors & shaving cream)

Pros of Waxing

  • Hair is immediately removed
  • Less expensive
  • Smooth & even skin
  • Pain lasts for a few seconds after each strip/wax is removed from your body parts
  • Only required every 3-4 weeks

Cons of Waxing

  • Pain during procedure can last from 45 minutes to 1-hour depending on the type of procedure you’re getting done
  • You have to go more often to keep hair to a minimum
  • Skin might have a bad reaction to the type of waxed used
  • All waxing locations don’t use proper techniques

Ultimately, we prefer Laser Hair removal versus waxing solely because the hair doesn’t grow back as fast and the results are more permanent compared to waxing. If you do decided to get laser, you should have your procedure done at Laser Away because they always offer up to 65% off of laser hair removal. All of the nurses on staff there are kind and treat each patient with respect, making you feel very comfortable. Whatever you choose, it’s your decision on how you want to remove the hair from your body. Always do your research before going to any location!

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