how to start your own fitness business

Tips on Starting a Fitness Business

colorful dumbbell weightsSo you want to start a fitness business? Many people have started taking classes to get certified to become a personal trainer, so they can be their own BOSS and help others achieve their fitness goals. Starting a fitness business isn’t something you can just wake up one day and decide to do. It takes dedication and patience as you’ll have to consider where you’ll train, how you’ll get clients and how you’ll keep a steady income. Becoming a fitness trainer for your own business is more than just getting paid to help people get in shape. You become responsible for someone’s well-being and it’s up to you to hold them accountable to make the right choices when it comes to eating healthy and working out consistently. You shouldn’t get into personal training if you’re in it for the money! We asked fitness trainer and owner of Slim Thick Fit and Love Black Health, Alyssa Ryen. She shared her journey on starting her own fitness business and non-profit.

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If you’re looking to start your own fitness business, start in the gym. There’s a lot of knowledge that you can gain on running a business. You’ll learn a lot about the financial aspect of being a trainer, like setting up your pricing and appropriate protocol. It’s important to not just learn about personal training, but the business aspect as well. Your goal should always be to become independent, so you don’t have to split your cost with the gym. I worked at the Dallas Cowboys gym, Cowboys Fit, which was a great opportunity, but I wanted to be able to achieve more. Deep down I knew I was capable of doing more bigger than me. I wanted to create my own big brand that was reflective of me, my purpose and my values.

If you know your brand can help the world be independent!
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