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10 Fitness Experts to follow on Instagram

Whenever you need some fitness motivation or advice on how you can start eating healthier lunches your phone is the perfect place to get all of this information. Thanks to Instagram, you have access to fitness information with just one click. Now, every fitness expert on Instagram isn’t really an expert. It’s important to do your research when it comes to getting information on anything from people online. We, however, have weeded through the outlaws and complied a list of 10 fitness experts you should follow on Instagram. These ladies use their gifts to inspire others to live healthy lifestyles!

1. Khay.bana

Her workouts are always intense and can show you how to get the abs you want.

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2. Taylorroseallen 

She shows that you can still live a healthy lifestyle while being vegan.

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3. Bodiesbyearth

They’re a holistic company based out of DFW that promotes healing & natural remedies. Join them as they participate in Veganuary.

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4. Eunoiafit 

Learn from a pro! She’s a NASM CPT and AFPA Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist. She’ll help you get fit and teach you proper technique in the weight room.

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5. Jeanette Jenkins

With over 29 plus years of health and wellness experience she is very knowledgable in her craft. Not only does she train some of the hottest celebrities, but she provides those same types of workouts for us regular folks, too. Visit her page today to start streaming at-home workouts.

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6. Britney Mcgee

Owner of 21 Fit Club Dallas, her workout programs are for the everyday woman.

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7. Dreafit

If you’ve ever needed a workout bestie, she is it!

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8. Tayle_hubbard

She proves that being strong is the new sexy!

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9. Jerica S

She’s a NASM CPT that offers both personal and online training.

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10. LaToisha Michelle 

She promotes natural bodies and encourages women to appreciate their bodies. A Certified Fitness Trainer and NFF Bikini Competitor, she creates custom workouts to meet your needs.

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