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Get to Know: Dallas Fitness Coach Tayle Hubbard

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We love highlighting DFW women in fitness. There’s so many talented women who use their social platforms to encourage and uplift people to be their best selves. Today, we’d like to highlight Dallas Fitness Coach, Tayle Hubbard. She works at Neon Cycle & Strength and also does strength and conditioning with Southern Methodist University. She is a Baylor Bear alumna and has big plans for 2020, which include starting her own training business. Learn more on Tayle’s story and how you can learn to start your fitness journey.

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1.    If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for you with your business, what did you achieve?

Well for me, I’m actually planning to start my own business really soon. It’s in the works so look for that to happen in the future! Also I’d be thriving as a strength coach at my current job in Plano. I’d also be accepted into the graduate program I want to pursue at the university I’d like to be as well as CSCS certified. I say all of this to “speak it into existence” lol

2.    Who is your role model and why?

My role model is Kobe Bryant. Rest In Peace. His work ethic was crazy. He’s always been my favorite athlete. The person who instilled in me drive and determination. To never be satisfied with complacency. There’s always something I could be improving in. He’s one of the greatest athletes to have ever lived and he still continuously learned and challenged himself to perfect his craft. He seemed like a really nice, genuine, and down to earth guy. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to meet him this lifetime. Rest In Peace to him and all the lost lives. His legacy will for sure live on though 💛💜 my favorite Quote by him says “the most important thing is you must put everybody on notice that you’re here and you’re for real.” The quote is longer but that’s the part that sticks out for me, which is why I keep working hard at my craft.

3.    What made you get into fitness?

I’ve always been athletic. As I kid I did basketball, track, cross country, cheerleading … you name it; a plethora of things. I didn’t engage in collegiate athletics, however, I’ve always been into running and working out. I think by being so involved in athletics at a you g age I cane to love every aspect of it. I also struggle with anxiety/depression. My best coping mechanism and way of stress relief comes from being active. I guess that’s part of the reason I’m in love with it.

4.  What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t know where to start their fitness journey?

I believe you have to start NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week … NOW. if you procrastinate and keep putting it off you know you won’t really get your goal accomplished so just start today. There’s nothing to lose honestly. Set a realistic goal. One that you are for sure you can obtain at first. That way when you reach that goal it motivates you to keep going. I see and know too many people who are hard on themselves and set a very aggressive goal their very first time dabbling into the fitness lifestyle and then get discouraged and unmotivated when they don’t meet it. Don’t jump in with both feet, just kinda put a toe or two in the water to start and then progressively get there. Start small and level up from there.

5.    What is Your Ambition?

My ultimate goal is to be a strength and conditioning coach in the NFL. I have worked with collegiate football program before and loved it. It was chaotic and gruesome but I loved it. I am taking a break from it at the moment, however, I will definitely be back and better. I love athletics. I live fitness. I love coaching. It’s my passion. It’s like such a rewarding feeling to get up everyday and work a profession I actual am passionate about. Doesn’t even feel like work! Super cliche but all true!

6.    How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

My idea came from my current job. I’m A strength trainer at a studio in Plano called Neon Cycle + Strength! Most of my friends live in the Dallas area or further (Arlington, Grand Prairie, etc) or are back in Waco from when I went to college and aren’t able to come workout with me in one of my group classes. I get asked all the time “what should I eat?”, “how do I lose ___lbs”, “what’s a good booty workout and why is yours sit so high and round?” LOL. I decided to package my workouts and sell them as a way for my people who can’t get to a class in Plano, but still want a good training session. It’s for the people who love at home workouts or prefer their own gym. I hope everyone loves it.

7.    What is unique about your business?

I think the most unique thing about my business is the fact that it’s MY business. There are millions of trainers in the world but none of them are me personally. My style of training is intense but not crippling to where you’d never want to workout again lol. It’s like CrossFit meets Collegiate athletics. Imagine being in a D1 Sport level facility and being trained by some of the top strength and conditioning coaches. That’s me. That’s my style.

8.    How can your business help make the world a better place?

My business helps people start their fitness journey and have a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is a lifestyle. Once you start to see those changes, you get addicted and don’t want to stop. Just like my workouts, you’ll hate me for putting you through this intense and exhausting session, however, you’ll thank me for pushing you because the after results were totally worth the temporary pain 💜💛.

To stay connected with Tayle follow her on Instagram.

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