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Get to Know: Pretty Lit Conversations

All About Pretty Lit Conversations! We had the opportunity to sit down with the host of Pretty Lit Conversations, Jasmine. She shared why she wanted to start a podcast as well as what makes her podcast different from others. To keep up with her follow them on Instagram and tune in to the podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Jasmine, Host Pretty Lit Convos

All About Pretty Lit Conversations!

  1. What made you want to start Pretty Lit Conversations?

Last year (2019) I started listening to podcasts super heavy. I just loved being able to hear different people talk about their opinions, experiences and outlooks on different things going on in the world. Also, listening to podcasts can be very informative. Originally, I was going to do a joint Youtube channel with one of my best friends and somehow that turned into me starting a podcast to prove a point. But it ended up being something I love doing.

  • What made you want to choose the name Pretty Lit Conversations?

So, choosing a name was extremely hard. You want a name that no one has and there’s tons of podcast. I came up with a multitude of names. They either didn’t fit my personality or it was already in use. For days, I kept writing out different names until it hit me, “Jasmine you’re pretty lit about your podcast”. From there I just added conversations, but use convos for short. My podcast was finally born.

  • If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for Pretty Lit Conversations, what did it achieve?

The goal is always growth in anything you do, right? I would love to see my podcast flourish and become bigger than my wildest dreams. Before I started podcasting, I was scared no one would support it. I would love within the first year to see “Pretty Lit” grow into a brand. Pretty Lit doesn’t stop at just being a podcast. I would definitely love to collaborate with other creatives and even do live shows eventually.

  • What are your ambitions?

I want to show the world that women can do anything they put their mind too. If you can find something you love to do and are truly passionate about, then you can find a way to turn that into a career. I haven’t gotten there yet, but it’s a future goal. You have to start somewhere.

  • What sets Pretty Lit Conversations apart from other podcast with similar content?

I feel like my platform is a little different just because of how raw and unfiltered the show can be. I just came out of the gate putting myself on blast. It’s like having a conversation with your homegirl. I’m very passionate about “Pretty Lit”, it’s like my baby. I like to feature people with different personalities from my own, which helps provide another perspective. I believe that makes for good and interesting content.

  • What is the overall goal behind creating Pretty Lit Conversations?

The overall goal for creating Pretty Lit was to give myself a platform to be creative and vocal. I also aim to give people something to listen to that they can laugh at, relate to, enjoy and hopefully will get them to start having open dialogue with others.

  • Does size really matter in the bedroom?

I think size matters to an extent. What’s the point in a big sausage if you can’t satisfy me sexually. Some guys think having a big one is enough, and you can honestly keep that if we’re not sexually compatible. So, size matters to a certain extent but a big dick doesn’t automatically make you great in bed.

  • What are your thoughts on dating a man’s potential?

I think you’re always going to date someone with potential. It’s what comes with that potential that you must pay attention to. You can’t just be with somebody because they have the potential to be a great partner, lover and friend. They need to show you that regularly, and when you see red flags pay attention to them. You can’t see more in that person than they see in themselves.

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