Highoh pads review

Highoh Pads Period Kit Review

Here’s our review on Highoh Pads, which provide a breath of fresh air to a woman’s menstrual cycle. What is a Highoh pad you might ask? It’s a reusable pad that helps keep the environment clean. Highoh pads are also sanitary. In fact, your womb will thank you for using them.

high oh pads

Gone are the days of feeling uncomfortable about your pad and tampon staying in place. The leak-proof technology, two buttons snap and special sewing methods that make up a Highoh pad will keep it secured. If you’ve ever had to ask someone to “check you” you can stop asking when wearing a Highoh pad.

Now, off top it can seem gross to wear a reusable pad, but they’re washable. Whenever you wear the pad you wash it after each use! We enjoyed how comfortable the pads felt while wearing them. Furthermore, they’re eco-friendly. If you’ve ever wanted to save money on pads or even switch to a more reusable pad, Highoh is the right choice for you.

Highoh pads

There are different types of Highoh pads you can purchase. If you struggle with a heavy flow, there’s a period pack for you. If you’ve got a regular flow you can use their panty liners. Their period starter kit is great if you want to give Highoh a try. It’s only $30 and comes with six pads (featured above). It should be noted that their Period Starter Kits are designed to reduce menstrual cramps.

Did we mention that because the pads are reusable you’ll be saving money? On average, women will spend about $4,752 in their lifetime on pads and tampons. Think about how much money you’ll be able to spend on other things like getting your nails done or a new purse when your funds don’t have to go to tampons and pads.

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