tips for exercising on your period

4 Tips for Exercising During Your Period

exercise during your period

Your monthly period can take a toll on your body. Depending on the severity of your cramps, you won’t want to do anything, yet alone exercise during your period. Dr. Christopher Holligsworth, said that progesterone and estrogen are at their lowest levels during a women’s menstrual cycle. Because of this, many women feel tired and less energetic during that time.

Your period doesn’t have to keep you laid up in bed, yet alone knock you off your fitness routine. Stop letting your period control your life! However, please note that if you struggle with a heavy flow or severe cramps, you should visit your gynecologist. For those of you who deal with a regular flow and standard cramps, we’ve created a list of four tips for you to keep in mind when exercising during your period.

Decrease PMS symptoms

Taking ibuprofen can help alleviate pain from your cramps. Once, your cramps are at ease you’re able to handle any type of workout. Exercising will give you a natural high, so that on top of the assistance from medicine will help you get through the discomfort of the first few days of your period.

Light Cardio

Don’t worry about cranking out a mile in under 5 minutes during your period. It’s already uncomfortable to workout with the fear of your tampon falling out, so go easy on yourself. A light jog on the treadmill or run through your neighborhood will suffice. Use this time to change up your cardio by getting on the stairclimber, bike or elliptical.

Strength Training

Give your legs a break. Use this time to focus on strength training and abdominal exercises. Try more dumbbell exercises to build your upper body strength and tone your arms. Complete different variations of abdominal exercises to build your core and help get rid of your side flanks, too. 

Check Yourself

Instead of asking someone to check to see if you’ve bled through your favorite pair of leggings, check yourself. By using the correction protection, you’ll be able to workout without fear. Opt for sport-focused tampons and pads with wings. 

Your period shouldn’t keep you from the gym. By following these four tips you’ll be able to stick to your fitness routine. Exercising during your period can be fun and is a great way to help with cramps, too. Keep up your hard work!


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