Natural Updo & Protective Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Finding protective styles for your natural hair can be difficult. It takes time to figure out the best looks to go with your day old twist or braid outs. Lucky for you, the Stay-At-Home policy has provided lots of time to try different styles on your natural hair. One look, we now love is a natural updo hairstyle. This look is chic and very easy to do.

Natural Updo Hairstyle

Now, whether you like to rock your natural hair or add hair extensions you can create this look to fit your style. It’s very important for women with natural hair to develop a hair routine. This will help with the maintenance of your hair, too.

natural hairstyles for girls

Please note that you don’t have to become a product junkie when you’re natural. Do your research to discover what hair products work best with your hair. Also, take the time to learn your hair type. Knowing this information can make all the difference when figuring out the best products and styles for your hair.

The products used in the video above are:

  • Cantu Activator Curl Cream
  • Spray Bottle
  • Hair Ties
  • Hair Jewels
  • Olive Oil
  • Detangle Hair Brush

This hairstyle can last for about 3-4 days and maybe even a fifth day if you wear your silk wrap at night. Furthermore, treat your hair with care. Don’t be harsh with your hair when styling it. Wear your crown with pride!

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