How to Cure Bacterial Vaginosis at Home

If you’ve found yourself diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, you’ve probably Googled thousands of ways to cure it. Getting prescribed pills and creams to cure your BV is great, but it’s costly. A great way to cure your BV at home is with a herbal cleanse or vaginal steam, from Flower Bomb Wellness, a holistic company in Dallas.

cure bacterial vaginosis

Now, what is a herbal cleanse you ask? Simply put, a herbal cleanse is like a vaginal steam, in which you sit over water infused herbs for 30-45 minutes. The benefits to this is restoration of your pH balance, reduction of BV and yeast infections. In addition, a herbal cleanse helps with the following:

  • Boost fertility
  • Reduce menstrual cramps
  • Ease discomfort with uterine fibroids
  • Postpartum

How the Herbal Cleanse help with Bacterial Vaginosis

Additionally, the Flower Bomb Wellness herbal cleanse comes with four different herbal blends that can help with your bacterial vaginosis. The cleanse resets your vaginal flora and clears away excess mucus that causes discharge and odor. The process of the BV treatment is simple:

  1. Vaginal steam 2-3 times weekly for 15-20 minutes
  2. Insert our Phresh Capsules 24 hours after the vaginal steam
  3. Enjoy the treatment in the comfort of your own home

Many women have overcome recurring bacterial vaginosis using our treatment.

Misty Haggerty, Owner, Flower Bomb Wellness
phresh capsules

Now, some people have used yoni pearls to get rid of their bv. However, compared to yoni pearls, a herbal cleanse doesn’t require you to stick anything up your vagina. It’s important for women to be careful with yoni pearls, as you don’t know how they’re made. Furthermore, the idea of inserting the pearls into your vagina for three days seems questionable. People have had mixed reviews when it comes to yoni pearls, so do your research and check with your doctor before using them.

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