How to Build Your Own Raised Garden Bed

So you want to start your own garden? Many people have started new hobbies throughout Quarantine. Gardening, has definitely become one of our favorite hobbies. Creating a garden is very therapeutic and comes with an immense amount of health benefits, too.

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Benefits of Gardening

  1. Get outdoor exercise
  2. Natural stress reliever
  3. Conserve the environment

Now, there are additional benefits to creating a vegetable garden. When planting your own vegetable garden, you can save money on your grocery bill. In addition, you’ll eat healthier as you won’t have to worry about pesticides in your vegetables. Everything will be organic!

Now, creating the garden itself is an easy process, however growing your plants, fruits and vegetables can be the hard part. We created a raised garden bed as opposed to having an in-ground garden. The reason for this method was simple, it takes less work to build. Below we’ll provide the step by step process of how to build your raised garden bed.

how to build a raised garden bed

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Create the dimensions for the size of your garden and hammer the different pieces of the wood together. Lay the garden over the area of the grass you’d want to grow your plants, fruits or vegetables.


Dig up the grass inside of the square and turn the dirt. Use a shovel and the garden claw, which is available on Amazon,


Lay down cardboard over the space within the square. Make sure to cover all the dirt.


Fill the inside of the space will soil. It took 15 bags to fill the garden. You want to make sure you fill the soil all the way to the top. The brand of soil used is Miracle-Gro Garden Soil All Purpose 0.75-cu ft Garden Soil.


Finally, the last step is to plant your fruits or vegetables. Make sure you create enough spacing in your garden. Water your garden daily, too.

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