How to Build your Own Brand: Fit 29 Turns 5!

Recently, Fit 29 just celebrated it’s 5th birthday. We can’t believe it’s already been five years since we first started. Cheers to Black Girl Magic! Now, what started off as personal training and T-shirts has now evolved into a brand. Although, Fit 29 no longer does personal training, it hosts workout parties

What Does Fit 29 Do?

As stated earlier, Fit 29 doesn’t do personal training anymore. However, our workout parties are group training sessions. These types of events are hosted on a monthly basis, but are currently on hold due to Covid-19. Workout parties are designed for women to understand that working out should be fun and not something you dread. It’s important that women know that creating a healthy lifestyle does beyond a workout session. Some other things Fit 29 does include:

  • Workout plans
  • Teaching classes
  • Writing health, wellness & lifestyle articles
  • Host community fitness events

Now, it’s important for Fit 29 to give back to the community as we want to be a voice for Black women working out and taking control of their fitness lives in DFW. Many times the black community is overlooked when it comes to health & wellness. However, contrary to popular belief, Black women do workout, so Fit 29 wants to continue to equip them with the tools they need to reach their fitness journeys. We’re always looking to partner with area sponsors to host community fitness events, so please email fittwenty, if you’d like to work together.

How to Build your own Brand

For those of you who want to turn your side hustle into your main hustle, good for you on deciding to not be content with your main job. It’s always good to have multiple sources of income. Creating your brand is the easy part, but building your brand has it’s ups and downs. A few ways that have helped us get Fit 29 to where it is today is through word of mouth, informative content on social media and collaborations.

  • Word of Mouth- Sharing your vision with others is helpful to you brand or business. When other people know about what you do and interact with you, they get a better idea of what your brand is about. Networking events and simply having friends & family share your business on social media will help get your brand to reach more people. Most importantly, this method is organic.
  • Informative content- So much content is being created daily, that it’s important you stand out.
  • Collaborations- Working with other people that have brands similar to yours will help your brand grow. You’re able to tap into each other’s audiences. NOTE: If you’re afraid that they’ll take business from you don’t be because there are millions of people already doing the same thing you want to do. You just have to start!

let’s Stay Connected

Since, Fit 29 just turned five we want to announce that we will be moving some of our content to Premium Content. This means you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to read some of our fitness & health related articles. We want to turn things up a notch around here, which is why we decided to make this move. In order to stay in the know on when the Premium content will launch on make sure you join our subscription list. We promise we won’t spam you!

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