Virtual Learning: PE for Elementary School Kids

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve been able to stay sane throughout this Global Pandemic. With school back in session, many of our youth are participating in virtual learning. Subjects like physical education, art, and the other fine arts have had to revamp the way they teach their students. If you’re in need of some ideas to keep your students occupied while they’re at home try these different exercise ideas. There’s so many different ways to make Pe for kids fun.

Exercise Scavenger Hunt

virtual learning pe ideas for kids
virtual learning pe ideas for kids
virtual learning pe ideas for kids


Now, another great game to play with your kiddos is creating dice and providing different exercise movements they can do when you roll the numbers on the dice. Kids love to move and dance, so if you give them fun activities to do for each number on the dice they’ll love it.

PE activities FOR KIDS

Lastly, a great way to give students an activity to do for Pe is to have them learn basic stretches. You can provide a video that explains the importance of stretching before any activity. Now, this will allow the students to start making a connection between stretching and physical activity. It’s important for students at the elementary school age to understand the benefits of stretching. I’ve provided a video below to give you an idea of remote learning stretches.

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