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5 Fitness Gifts If You’re on a Budget

Given the state of the Country, it’s no surprise that your Christmas list isn’t a priority. Now, some people have managed to get their Christmas shopping done and still have enough money left over to pay bills. Others haven’t been as fortunate. Fit 29 has prided itself in finding cheap, but quality gifts ideas for your fitness friends over the years. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry about breaking the bank with our Top 5 Fitness Gifts for your family and friends.

Top 5 Fitness Gifts If You’re On a Budget

Running Armband for All Phones: For runners, it’s important to be able to hear your music and stay connected while going for a run. Keeping your phone in your hand or pocket is uncomfortable. With the 360° Rotatable Sports Running Armband, you can run as long as your heart desires without having to keep up with your phone 24/7. $15

32 oz Motivational Water Bottle: If you’ve ever needed some motivation to finish drinking your water bottle, you got it. There’s encouragement at different points of the water and a time frame of where you should be throughout the day. With many colors to choose from, you can sport your water bottle with your workout attire, too. $16

Curl Cap: For my curly head girls, this cap is perfect to rock at the gym or during a run. Being natural shouldn’t mean you have to hide your curls under a cap. Besides, doing that leaves an ugly hat mark on your hair. Set your curls free! $20

30 lb Barbell: Covid has caused many people to opt for at home workouts. As you create your own gym space, it’s important to have the right equipment. Titan Fitness has high-end fitness equipment for an affordable price. $70 Check their site for coupon codes.

The DB Method: Although this gift is over $100, if you got three people to purchase the gift with you it would be about $77/person. Lastly, this machine will work your glutes, thighs and provide you with daily cardio, too. $229 Check their site for coupon codes.

Now, Christmas shouldn’t be stressful. When buying gifts for others, if you don’t talk to them regularly they don’t need an expensive gift. We hope these suggestions give you an idea of what to get your fitness family and friends while on a budget. Whatever you decide to buy for your loved ones, we’re certain they’ll love you were thinking of them.

Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

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