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Beauty For Women

More women are redefining what beauty for women is. They’re learning to embrace their natural curls. Gone are the days of wearing weaves and straightening your hair everyday. Lots of African-American women have said “NO” to the creamy crack and “YES” to their natural hair texture.

Now, there’s so many ways to embrace your natural curls. Whether that’s through protective styles, twist outs or crotchet braids, you can be a naturalista and still look flawless. We can’t forget to mention wigs! We are 100% about that wig life and encourage you to invest in one good wig.


It used to be difficult to color match for many women
of color. Now, beauty brands like Fenty, IMAN and KA’OIR Cosmetics have helped women of color find shades that match their skin tone.

Furthermore, if you don’t know how to do makeup, but would love to learn head on over to YouTube to checkout some of our favorite beauty vloggers like ItsMyRayeRaye & Jackie Aina.

Eyelash Extensions in DFW

Lashes are on the rise, if strip lashes aren’t your thing and you want something more permanent try Goss Lash Studio in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Interested in Vaginal Steaming?

Every woman should experience the multiple benefits of vaginal steaming in her lifetime. Discover the benefits you can achieve in the comfort of your own home. Flowerbomb Wellness in Dallas provides disinfecting herbs and phresh capsules to prevent reoccurring vaginal imbalances.