Hair & Makeup

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pexels-photo-2301280Being natural and embracing your curls no matter how kinky they may be has become the new wave! Gone are the days of wearing weaves and straightening your hair day after day, which would ultimately lead to heat damage. More women of color have said “NO” to the creamy crack and have learned to rock their natural hair.

For those who choose to still rock a sew-in there’s nothing wrong with that as everyone has a preference. We just hope that your reason isn’t to try to be someone you’re not as your hair was meant to grow. Get with a hair expert that can work with your hair and create a regime that will give you that Beyoncé length. If you want to rock it short like Meagan Good-Franklin, you can do that too. Embrace your inner-beauty.

lsThe black hair care industry was valued at more than $2.5 billion by Mintel in 2018. That figure is wild and what’s even wilder is that much of that money isn’t going to black people, let alone the U.S. Most hair care products purchased by African-Americans are imported from countries such as India and China, despite the U.S. having one of the most lucrative hair care markets in the world. We have to begin supporting our black owned beauty supply stores if we want the black dollar to circulate. There are even many black owned beauty supply stores that operate online, which allows you to shop for your favorite products right from home! Click here for a list of black owned beauty supply stores in the U.S.

Color matching used to be a struggle for many women giphy (1)of color, but thanks to beauty brands like Fenty, IMAN and KA’OIR Cosmetics women of color are able to find shades that fit them for their summer and winter skin tones. An industry that was once catered to the typical fair-skinned woman, women of color are beginning to have their BROWN SKIN noticed! Whether you wear makeup to enhance your features or like to have a beat face no matter the occasion, its important to use brands that support YOU! If you don’t know how to do makeup, but would love to learn how to apply lashes or do a good brow head on over to YouTube to checkout some of our favorite beauty vloggers like ItsMyRayeRaye & Jackie Aina. Click here to discover more black beauty brands.