1187332d5145231b9398558647f8eb62We love former First Lady, Michelle Obama! Not only is such an inspiration to women of color, but the way she supports her husband, family & most importantly finds way to pour into herself and practice self-care is admirable. Let’s continue to MOVE & take care of ourselves ladies!

Being physically fit isn’t based on the number on the scale or if you’re able to run a mile with ease. There are many women who are skinny who have unhealthy BMIs and cholesterol levels & vice versa for larger women. Ultimately, your physical fitness should be making sure you are living a healthy life mentally, physically & spiritually. We know that it can be difficult to meal-prep, workout and do all the other boss babe things we as women of color manage to do everyday! As long as you’re actively striving to be your best self and attempt to hit the gym and eat right you’ll be just fine!


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